Monday, 21 January 2013

Shingle All The Way

Roll Up! Roll Up!
It's the first post of 2013- Actually it's the first post in a quite a fricken while! Honestly was torn between being consistent and having material so I've settled for consistently having good material instead of the usual doc appointment and tablet popped. So what has brought on this sudden post of zee blog?
I am currently hospitalized- My 3rd stay in under a year. A YEAR!
Fortunately, I've always been blessed with impeccable timing and have only chosen significant moments to become ill!
May Stay- Second Year Exams
September Stay- Start of Final College Year
January Stay- Start of Final College Semester

Whadaya know!? I AM Consistent!

Unlike the previous stays due to Crohns complications, this one is brought on by a side effect of the fun lovin' injection Humira, suppressing my immune system to that of an Ethopihan infant, and upon doing so, has granted little ole me with Shingles.
Only the sexiest rash skin has to offer! Not to mention the god awful pain. And itchiness. And the spore shedding causing everyone to stop dead within three feet of myself, covering every part of their body in apron, glove and mask.
Since being admitted yesterday, through a bit of scary Internet research, it turns out Crohns peeps are quite prone to picking up these little suckers! So I thought- put away the Harry Potters, don't play the martyr- Make everyone feel pity!!!
Realistically however, if you've ever had them, you'll be able to tick tack toe off the boxes as I go on & if you ever plan on getting them, should probably read chicken soup for the soul or something.

Wednesday: 'twas a windy morning, sun risin- TO THE POINT! Ear pain! 'Shit, ear pain, doc appointment'. Get it sorted before I'm wallowing in a corner wearing ear muffs. Corners are the worst place to wallow...
Thursday: Doc- Ear & Throat clear. Soft tissue infection?
Friday: (Night) Neck sore on left hand side. Swollen lymph nodes. If I was to fold my face in two: Right side, fairly slapable. Left Side, a breeze would hurt it. & THEN!!! I notice the lumps on my scalp. I'm not sure how I came by these- I don't usually end my Friday nights by indulging in a head massage but I suppose there must have been an ache.
Saturday: By the morning, the lumps are quite sore. All located on the left side of my skull.
Sunday: Death, come warm me up. Can barely move my neck- extremely painful. Lumps have gotten worse pain wise and have spread further around the left hand side. Make a house call to the GP '...Shingles?' & sends me to my humble abode, my beloved...Tallaght Hospital! Shoulda brought my sash....

After the barely noticeable three hour wait....I finally see the doc & they admit me. They're pretty adament it's shingles due to the unilateral nature of the rash & pain but of course never guarantee anything 100%. Of course I'd already diagnosed myself- its easy! Just type your symptoms into Google and just keep searching till it says cancer. Trust me, you won't have to look for too long.

Currently I am on:
4 antiviral drips a day
4 painkillers
2 acid tablets
2 calcium tablets
8 glorious tablets of Prednisone!!!
I knew my steroid demons would come back & funnily enough the side effects kick in straight away.
I feel my face starting to swell, my appetite is increasing & I'm starting to have difficulty sticking to one mood! I'm beginning to think I go preemtively crazy at the mention of steroids...just in case the actual effects take a while to kick in!
So they told me they're keeping me for a week...
A week doesn't seem like a long time perhaps but already I've finished my book, exhausted my Facebook chat as let's face it, nobody is online at 5:30 in the morning after the intercom speaker calling the care attendant to the nurses desk, is just outside your room. Judging by the amount of times this care attendant was searched for, one can only assume the worst...

Night 2 approaching.
Pissed I'm gonna miss Arabic!

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