Sunday, 17 June 2012

Post Steroid Rage

So I finished my course of steroids!
Woopty fucking do!
The dry hair and skin is back along with a few friends i.e. uncontrollable rage I feel for everything and everyone in conjunction with muscle aches and a general boredom with life!
I know you are but what am I!

Since coming off prednisone, I've experienced a variety of hormone related moods.(COMPLETELY the steroids....promise....)
I'm itchy.
I'm cranky.
I'm a good time!

Oh another depressing note, I no longer have an excuse to eat like an elephant. Although my appetite has diminished significantly, breaking the habit of eating at regular intervals has proved harder to tackle!
Damn Rolo yoghurts. Place in hell for muffin topped women around the world who over indulge on rolo yoghurts. There's currently five of them in my fridge. Yoghurts, not women.
There will be one by tomorrow.
Warm up my seat, Satan!

On a GREAT note however (Yes, there is one!), my ability to hold a conversation is back in action.
I can now concentrate enough to hold a conversation (to the level I had prior to steroids. I still lose track if i'm bored...They're not magical drugs mum! Surprisingly I don't find knitting patterns all that interesting!!!!!)
Today, I'm angry and full of rage for no specific reason. At the drop of a hat, I will cry.
I'm also unreasonable and if I get a single 'Wanna talk about it?' I will go for the jugular.
Currently on Humira. Not exactly sure if it's working all that well. Still get the odd ache in the stomach, weight went up obviously due to the steroids so going to track that, see if it drops at all.
I've written on a 'Woe Is Me' day.
We all have them.
If you think i'm being a moany bitch, you'd be right!
But i'm allowed to be!
Going to go cry into a Rolo Yoghurt and read Harry Potter now.

God, I'm such a catch.


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  2. I can literally relate to EVERY thing you are saying about being on steriods and getting off them. One thing that made me laugh was how you talked about eating so much on prednisone, and even though your apetite is not as high anymore that habit of eating ALL THE TIME is much harder to break then we thought! I am right there with you. I am still eating at 11pm at night and i have been off pred for 2 weeks now lol Great post

  3. I have faced the same issue with eating all the tine, and found really hard to break it down. But i did it slowly, and know when i'm off steroids i eat not too much and feel great!
    myroona@steroids effects