Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Steroid Features

Prednisone, oh Prednisone.
Love/ Hate relationship.
I hate them, they love me.

Anyone who has had the joy of experiencing steroids will know only too well the side effects that accompany them. These are steroids for IBD now, not the type that have changed Jodie Marsh for the better.
I have previously been on steroids three times, all of which I can't remember too well as I was....13 the last time I think (8 years ago...I can feel the crows feet....)
but were my memory fails, A CAMERA'S DOES NOT! 
Unfortunately, my moonface photos have not been targeted, located and cremated.
They linger, like a bad virus, waiting to be shown to the boyfriends or the brother in laws, or the old family relatives who could have done without seeing me and my five chins grinning back at them like something for Alice in Wonderland!
Thanks mum. Thanks a lot.
These photos DO NOT NEED TO BE SEEN. How and ever, I am currently a walking hamster.
I exaggerate a little... the puffiness is nowhere near as tragic as it was at 13, but I'm a vain creature and dear lord, my cheeks and dimples were big enough already!
Fluid retention was not the 'look' I imagined rocking at the boyfriends approaching 21st birthday party, but i'll look on the bright side and see if he'll consider a fancy dress theme....

In other news....
Moonface is just one of the side effects. Another?
An appetite reminiscent of Gremlins after midnight. Blink and you'll miss the food.
I have breakfast, brunch, lunch, linner, dinner, supper & it was not unheard of whilst I was hospitalized to chow down on a Nature Valley at 4 in the morning.
Every food is heaven. Every food is EXACTLY what you were craving. I'd imagine it's what a baby craving would feel like, except instead of feeding a baby, I'm feeding my steroids and they're NEVER full.

''Prednisone and prednisolone are members of the glucocorticoid class of hormones.''
The reason I will be happiest to come off them. Hormones! The art of holding a conversation, of concentrating enough to listen to what is being said, with the telly on in the background or the kettle boiling, or when Dave inevitably drops something; When I am able to do these things again or to listen to these things without becoming the devil himself, I will be so happy! To be able to wrap the Garlic Bread in tin foil without cursing at the noise of it or react like Gollum to sunlight. Sensitivity overdrive is not a good time however I have contacted UCD about my college work, luckily they're being incredibly helpful and may just pull off getting my 2.1 degree next summer! HUZZAR!

Something i've noticed quite a bit regarding Crohn's and people who have it, is the use of the phrases 'battling Crohn's', the 'fighting Crohn's', the 'not letting Crohn's win'.
Forgive me, i'm not a child of the corn and do not hug tree's, but all this battling stuff?!
In my opinion, you cannot battle IBD. God knows it's tough having Crohn's but people, it's a part of you! You wouldn't see a perfectly healthy person update their Facebook with 'battling liver today' or 'can't let this hair growth win!'.
I don't enjoy Crohn's but I certainly don't battle it. That not good for either of you!
Say it with me: HARMONYYYYYYY

Having Crohn's has opened so many doors for me that I refuse to look at the things I may have missed out on. Having Crohn's has brought me to Alton Towers, has brought me skiing in Italy, has brought me to Lapland and has brought me one of my closest friends through doing all these things!
It's brought me to this blog and brought you all a couple of lols, at least i hope so....otherwise....shit just got awkward. TODAY, I' m positivity. In five minutes....god knows.
For now however, my Crohn's & I are off to get a cup of tea and watch some grey's anatomy from the comfort of our bed.
Almost time for Linner!
Steroid baby happy.

Sarah C


  1. Love! As I am currently in a love/hate relationship with the dread drug prednisone, I truly appreciate your humor and honesty about how it is affecting you. Thanks for making me smile (through huge, rounded puffy cheeks!)

  2. Your comments made my day Lisa :) Thanks for reading xx

  3. Hey Sarah, so cool to hear about people with similar experiences, was beginning to think I was the only one! Fellow Crohnie studying in UCD and I remember the moonface well :P
    Keep positive and keep blogging! :)