Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Excuse Me Lumpy

I'll apologize now. This blog post is not going to be witty OR well structured.
Let the rant ensue....

I'm so pissed off with the level of care, or rather the lack of it that I'm actually receiving!
Call me selfish! I feel I have the fucking need to be selfish!
I've called up the fucking hospital every day for the past three weeks telling them I need a fucking prescription for my fucking medication.
I get on to the lovely Alice today for the fifth time to explain for the 100TH TIME that I need a Hi-Tec Cert and a letter for FUCKING COLLEGE to explain why i've missed A MONTH of it!!!!!
'Right well Sarah, I've just talked to the doctor about that & we need to see you before we give you the prescription'.
I was only up last week.
'Alice, I was only up last week'.
'Yes, but it just says in your chart that we're going to need to see you before giving you medication'.
'Right. Well, I'll come up today then'.
'The clinic is a bit full up today Sarah, so it'll probably have to be next week'.
'Alice, I've been sitting at home for a month now, getting progressively worse. & I'm to wait another week?'
'Actually, there isn't any clinic on next week, it'll be the week after'.
This is the point were talking became nearly impossible on the phone.
'I'll be up to the hospital TODAY. And i'll need that letter you's said you'd send out for college. See you at 2'.
At which point, I was put onto an IBD Nurse. A thoroughly unpleasant egotistical woman I've had the pleasure of working with on numerous occasions.
Think she owns the fucking place.
'Hi Sarah. So why were you taken off medication?!'
'I wanted to control it with diet.'
'Oh right. So YOU wanted to come off medication?'
'And now YOU'RE not doing too well BECAUSE of that?'
'Right....well the clinic is pretty full today'.
'I need to see a doctor'.
'A&E perhaps?'
'...Excuse me?'
'Do you want to come up to the clinic today Sarah, is that it?'
(Can't imagine were she got that idea....)
'Okay well you'll be a walk in so you'll have to wait'.
'SEE YOU AT 2' *Hangs up phone*.

How fucking dare she.
She gets all up on her fucking high horse, insinuating it's my fault for being sick in the first place.
The actual state of my health these days and the doctor wanted me to wait TWO WEEKS TO BE CALLED IN TO THE CLINIC!
Not to mention these fucking inflammatory lumps on my leg. They're sore, they're unpleasant looking and they have a long ass name I can't even imagine pronouncing. I have no good things to say about my care at the moment. It might look all well & good while you're healthy, but the moment you're sick, they're nowhere to be found.

Fun & games.
Sarah C

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