Friday, 30 March 2012

A Month Without Food

Okay so major update needed.
A month without food.
The other day, I tasted chicken for the first time. It didn't excite the taste buds, but I honestly felt like a blind man, with the slightly heightened sense of hearing. I could taste EVERYTHING. The chicken taste, the fat, the salt. And I chewed it down, feeling...happy with myself!
The next day. My stomach wasn't so happy.
In fact. It was outraged.
Safe to say I stayed in the house that day. And my symptoms died down. I thought maybe I've just gotten a stomach bug/allow myself to adjust to these foods- how am I meant to go from no foods to a whole batch of Lofflex safe foods without some protesting from the tummy!?!
So I waited the day out with my ensures, thinking it was just a bug/adjustment. From a bite of chicken...
After the symptoms died away, I tried chicken again. The first food of the Elimination Diet/ The essential food of the Elemental diet & my ensures.
The next day, I caught up on old episodes of desperate housewives, with many pauses and flights of fancy to the bathroom.
So I waited out the chicken symptoms. Stuck (just spelt it 'Stook'....honestly....), to my Ensures and waited till I could face another bite of food. People who have tasted food and then had the agony of GOING BACK to the ensure drinks- It is the toughest thing I've had to do. So Ensure it was, until I was fine and then I tasted Rice Cakes. And then that was okay I think until I tried Grapes. And ever since the grapes, not even my ensures can save me.
My Crohn's settles down during the day with a more low residue diet, rice, rice crispies, pasta, WHITE BREAD :D, but certainly not enough that I can go on untreated.
Currently I feel...a bit like I've failed (even though I know I'm class, and I haven't).
I know in myself I can not/ will not go back onto just Ensures now. It is impossible now I've tasted my food again. The happiness, the energy, the joy of feeling warm!
I've had such a roller coaster of a month, and as I sit here, after a breakfast of tea and toast and rice crispies I can honestly say, I feel happy.
Bitter sweet ringing the hospital and hearing the words 'It's likely we'll have to reintroduce medication soon'.
I still FULLY SUPPORT this method of treatment. GIVE IT A GO. If it doesn't it work, it doesn't work. That sucks and it'll probably hit me later on if the doctors suggest steroids in which case I shall have to bitch slap them with force. But try it. Medication free. Independent of the hospital and doctors. DO IT. Because then you can say:
'A month without food.
I gave it a go.
I am Beyonce a superstar.'

Thanks for reading :)

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