Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Day 8: Shove it up yer hoop!

The first week is over! Hard part done, yes? 
I miss food every second. It's bad enough people thinking you may have an eating disorder but my general lack of warmth and colour tends to back up these assumptions! I may never want to eat chocolate again after these six weeks  four weeks! (I can't conceive thinking about it any further than four!). Even my chocolate ensure has turned against me and I've actually found a new hobby, one that I've been perfecting for quite some time... SELF PITY! 
Dear god, I honestly need to smack myself across the facial area with a loaf of Brennan's bread...

Apart from the crazy rage that is waiting for an inappropriate time to overflow (Yoga tonight perhaps..)
I've been feeling: 
-> Generally quite healthy [few stomach aches here and there, nothing too serious!]
-> Still knackered, but learning to appreciate having no energy. I get to watch a lot of 4od. 
-> My skin seems to have improved. Usually I have quite dry skin around my nose, not today however! Although i may have to thank Nivea for that...
-> No bloating or food babies! Always a plus!
-> A new love for thermal. Impossibly cold. 

Another tough day of being generally pissed off. 
Must print off a sheet of good things to come!
First step: Pampering scrub and tan this Saturday.

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