Sunday, 4 March 2012

Day 4: 'Snapping Necks Till Eveyones Dead...'

Waking up on day five, describing day four, and I tell you, thank floozy that day is over. 
Been coming down with a bad cold for a few days so unfortunately was bed bound for the majority of the day yesterday making mum's Saturday Shop all the harder to resist. Although the blocked nose has weighed in my favour! 
Energy levels absolutely plummeted. Today I'm feeling a little more hyped but that could be because in an hour I'm leaving for the airport to go see DERREN BROWN IN MANCHESTER. 
Booked these tickets a year ago. Can't actually believe it went by that fast! 
Back on day 7 of the diet. Fingers crossed I catch a derren brown Frisbee! :D

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