Thursday, 1 March 2012


I've never known a thirst like it. All day, I've been seeing it everywhere. I've been thinking about it and for the life of me I've created about fifty new disgusting recipes with it that for the life of me, cannot understand why I've never tried them out! LOOK. I JUST TYPED 'FOR THE LIFE OF ME' TWICE!
I've entered cold turkey mode.
Cannot concentrate on a single thing. Went to my lectures today. Spent my time googling things about Yoga and Black Swan!
I am the worst company. I haven't wanted a single chocolate bar, fizzy drink or cream doughnut. All I want is WHITE BREAD. Tuna Sandwiches, Tuna&Crisp Sandwiches, Chicken&Cheese&Mayo Sandwiches. Pat the Baker has never been sexier.
Not gonna lie, there's already been a tear or two. The doctor said I'm allowed weak black tea and coffee. My eyes watered with the joy of inhaling the scent wafting off the barren caffeine drink. A cup of coffee without milk and sugar- bringing tears to my eyes! The taste was enough to send anyone into a downwards spiral.
Today has been difficult.
I've already maxed out all my flavors, I think.
Banana is the new flavor of the day! For lovers of Banana Yazoo, you'll adore this. For lovers of Strawberry Yazoo- Strawberry sucks. Sorry!
Orange flavor is quite nice also, the blackcurrant and fruit of the forest are slightly above tolerable.
I've never really understood the expression 'Take one day at a time'. As a planner of all things future, it all went over my head, this living for the moment crap. Right now, I'm living for this time in six weeks when i don't have to taste something that looks like its already been ingested. Luckily there's no bread in the house anymore, so I'm not tempted.
Just to be sure I don't wolf down a flour and egg concoction, I'm going to the gym.
Fingers crossed a Hovis flavor is in development...


  1. You can ask martin to make you weak tea as that is his specialty ; )

    Sorry to hear that you have having some difficulties with the diet but hopefully these six weeks will help for the future, and hopefully new flavours will come out during this time ; )

    White bread is not healthy for you anyway so that should be come consolation ; )

    1. I hear Pat the Baker is single ;)

    2. Thanks @Annukka ;) Martin is well known for that alright :P One day at a time :)

      @Lisa: I heard that was just a rumor!