Sunday, 11 March 2012

Day 12: ''Coz I'm Movin' On Up!''

Delaying the blog update till I had a moment of silence!
Christening in the family today, and as much as I love wee Zoe Paige, the best part is the free house when the parents are off to the meal!
So! Update a go-go.
The Crohn's hasn't been acting up in the slightest! I'm probably a month off all medication now, nearly two weeks into the Polymeric Diet on the Ensure Plus and I'm actually feeling pretty healthy. I'm not gonna lie, it is tough going but in my case, it's been really worth it so far. I've developed a sado masochistic relationship with 4od however and tend to watch countless episodes of Supersize v Superskinny. I have actually drooled a few times.
In saying that, I'm not ever hungry! As long as I take the Ensure every 2-2.5 hours, the tummy is well happy! I was a trooper and tried, beyond my usual threshold, to like Raspberry (...there's a P in RasPberry???)...anyway, I tried Raspberry, Strawberry, Blackcurrant and Fruit of the Forest.
They honestly taste as different as Helmans Light Mayonnaise and Helmans Extra Light Mayonnaise. And if you honestly think there is a difference in their taste, you probably shouldn't be consuming as much Mayonnaise as you are! I have a few bottles on reserve, much like you do plasters in a first aid kit. They're there, but you'd prefer not to use them!
Unlike many people who actually go on this diet, I wasn't seriously unwell before going on it! I just felt like after 10 years of:
& countless other drugs that doctors tell you will work!
Enough is enough.

This will be the blog post I come back to, to remind myself of the last ten years of medication. The thin bones I have because of steroids, the squeamish feeling I get when I touch the top of my arms because of the Methotrexate injections. 
I don't want another list to match that, that is equally as damaging. Think, if you're a person who has Crohn's and has the option of doing the Elemental/Polymeric Diet, of all the extra tests the doctors have/had to do to make sure the medication you're on to help you, isn't damaging some other part of your body. Bone density scans, Liver function, Cardiology appointments, Kidney function, TB tests, Increased risk of cancer.
If controlling your Crohn's with diet, is an actual viable option, than why not give it a go?
Scared? Content?
Well grow some balls. And stop being lazy. 
It's time to get serious with yourself. 


  1. Check yourself before you wreck yourself! :) Legend!!