Thursday, 22 March 2012

3 Weeks & 1 Day: Good News, Bad Blues.

Had a hospital appointment yesterday! Great news:
To say I had stroke face when the almighty 'they' (the doctors) gave me the go ahead and more so the line: 'We completely support any decisions you make in relation to this', was an understatement.
I'm having whimsical thoughts about Rice Cakes and Soya Milk already! :D I'm incredibly delighted but as always, I've a pinch of salt.
The food blues have hit me hard today.
I've been feeling like a child told to eat their brussels.
Very fed up, very bored and you would think with the light at the end of the tunnel mentioned, the light would seem closer, but its like that fucking string you hang in front of a kitten and keep yanking away from them. Food seems very high above my head and now I'm getting pissed off!
You know, as all my other blog posts have been so cheery!
If I have to hear 'Only 1 week left!' or 'This time next week'. I'm already fed up to death of it! Yes yes, that's all very well and good but in the meantime you've turned into a giant rice cake and now I'm nibbling your wrist!
My blood results came back in. I'm low in Iron and my bowel inflammation is higher than the optimum. They usually like it to be around 5. 'They' said:
             ''Your inflammatory stat is 6.1. That's not high or anything, but we usually prefer it a little lower. But it's nothing to worry about!''.

It's up from 3.2 back in September which is so crazy because in September I was dying a dogs death!
Iron levels a little low so back on the Galfer and something to ease the nausea of drinking these bloody drinks everyday.
... So great being off meds!

I've been snapping, crying, happy, running, drinking my ensures and whiny these past three weeks.
It's been difficult, not just to me but for people around me.
I've gotten on peoples nerves and been a right spoilt brat at times, but god love my family, they've put up with me (Dave!), even when I've just sat at their table and not spoken a word for a half hour (Louise...).
You've all been amazing, reposting my blogs, sending me texts of encouragement and helping me along the way (Thanks Lisa dude :p) even to people who I don't get to see very often, but they spare a minute regardless to see what crap I'm going on about today.
Without you peeps, I wouldn't have lasted a day, so really, thanks :)

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