Saturday, 17 March 2012

2 Weeks & 3 Days: PES-ing

No no. I'm not Pms-ing. I have Pre Ensure Syndrome. I HATE YOU ALL. You cannot do anything right today.
Even the Superskinny's on that wondrous show I'm watching on 4od ended up losing weight in the end.
I'm missing food if that wasn't clear before...
I honestly feel like the elemental diet should come with a warning: 
May cause Bi-polar tendencies

And for the love of Joseph, people seem to keep pushing my buttons! Not even people, I PISSED MYSELF OFF TODAY. Going for a jog- blinding pain in my side. Slowed down, maybe I need to warm up a bit more, picked up the pace - BLINDING PAIN! 
The gym makes me so happy. When that first bead of sweat runs down your face and you think, YES! I'm actually sweating. These prissy minis who arrive at the gym with their concrete foundation and arrow eyebrows in place really irritate me, which makes exercising all the better. Rage is the best motivation. So you can see why today, I'm venting blog-schtyle. 

For people going on this diet, don't think it's going to be easy. It's not easy and you need to distract yourself-alot. 
There are no easy parts to this routine. Don't think your cravings will go away. You'll get irritable and pissed and people will get pissed off at you and you'll vent at them but they don't understand that you are missing the most natural thing in this world- food! 
In the words of my dietitian- 'Eating food is a natural thing, so when you're doing something so unnatural as to avoid food altogether, it's very difficult to concentrate on anything else'. 
Much like a person with an eating disorder - constantly obsessed with food, except in my case I want to STUFF MY FACE WITH PIZZA and also keep it down! 
The end goal is all that's keeping me going. There are no great parts to this diet, I'd imagine the feeling of relief and wellness would be a major one, but as I wasn't sick before starting it, I really haven't felt much of a difference. 
Except for the fact that for the first time in 10 years, I am medication free. And I'm feeling the same as when I was on medication. It's been over a month now since I've had a Humira injection, previously on them for two weeks, one week, then two again. This is huge. And I really would do well to remind myself of these sobering facts when all I can think about is how I would actually crucify a Dominoes. 
Four weeks is the goal. After that it's the home run. Then it's onto the next big step: Reintroducing foods. 
I'm honestly a bit scared. A wee bit. Mostly anxious. 
Which way to go about it? LOFFLEX Diet? Low Residue Diet? Liquids Only Diet followed shortly by Soft foods diet? 
I'll have to contact my dietitian soon enough. 
17 days without food. When I think back to my last week of eating, all the things I left out. I really didn't have a love for pizza before going on these drinks and now it's become all I can think about. 
Chin up me hearties. 

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  1. Makes you wonder if the devil tempted Jesus with a burger in the desert.. Sine it's during lent and all ;)
    But just to re-cap on what you where saying.. No medications - AT ALL - for over a month.. and no mouth ulcers, no throat ulcers, you're not bed bound for days at a time, you're not popping pills like there's no tomorrow.. This IS huge!! Sail on solider! You are amazing! Xxxx