Thursday, 15 March 2012

2 Weeks & 1 Day: A Case of the Meh's

Fed up with the drinks. Had a difficult two days. Stomach not the greatest. Think I may be coming down with a bug? Nausea, sick stomach and no appetite. Also I've lost weight. A substantial amount to. Something to write home about! The weight loss was all the first week (My life is Carbs and my life without them? MEH) but luckily the weight loss has balanced out now. I've lost a pound since my last weigh in. Lets hope she stays put!
I had the unfortunate experience of tasting Caramel Ensure. I just gagged writing that.
I'll type fast so as not to relive the experience.
Caramel Ensure, I shall not compare thee to a summers day.
But to....
I've done this, I dunno if anyone else has.

  • You're having the LOL's with one of your mates over text! Something funny is said about someone else you both know and you respond in kind, hitting the send button...AND THEN. YOU REALISE. YOU'VE SENT IT. TO THE PERSON YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. 

That UTTER Panic. Sickness. Palpitations.
Okay so take that feeling. And bottle it. And you've got Caramel Ensure.
She starts off well. But it's enough to put you off gossiping. On a brighter note, i've got more energy now, although taking the drinks is a lot harder and it'll take me a while to get over the Caramel.

  • It's like when you've consumed so much Vodka one night that the mere thought of alcohol, any kind, is enough to turn your stomach the next morning as you chow down on salt and vinegar crisps and watch Buffy reruns. 

Now I know we've all been there...

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