Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Day 1: Zombie Mode

If you're reading this you're probably my sister or god help you, someone who like myself, has Crohn's Disease and is fed up with medication, or just diagnosed and is venturing down this path! 
After ten years of various medications ultimately making me weaker, at 21 I've decided it's time to test out the Elemental Diet/Polymeric Diet. 
After researching online all about the diet, it's been a search and a half, to find feedback from someone who has had to undertake it for 6 weeks. 
No food. Just 6-7 bottles of Ensure Plus a day. 
It's currently six o clock in the evening and I'm ready for bed. 
Could barely keep my eyes open watching Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. 
I started the morning with the much hyped about Strawberry flavor, which I found thoroughly enjoyable once you didn't taste a sip. Although you're meant to sip it slowly, the bottle was gone in 15 minutes in my haste for it to be empty! Unfortunately I grabbed another Strawberry Ensure heading out the door on the way to the physio. Luckily the rest of the flavors arrived today! I've tasted Strawberry (the joys..), Vanilla (2nd favourite), and Chocolate (YUM- as far as yum can go in relation to the drinks- still would prefer a chicken roll). 
I've got another 3 bottle to go but so far today I've felt overwhelmingly tired, cold and a bit dizzy. 
Haven't been craving any foods as of yet! I think the trick is to take each day as it comes and keep occupied. Hence the blog! :)
This isn't written in an attempt to discourage anyone from the Elemental Diet. If anything, I encourage Crohn's patients to try it at least! To be able to travel without having to transport bales of medication or rely on the hospital as much as we do, will simply be marvellous and the independence of controlling this disease by myself is what is propelling me forward. 
Day 1 so far, not as bad as I've thought. At the end of the day, it's only 6 weeks out of the rest of my life. Off to yoga. Lets hope I don't fall asleep and face plant the mat. 

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